The UptimeRMX Solution

The first completely wireless remote-monitoring and analysis system for compressed air equipment, UptimeRMX was designed and built entirely by the engineering team at Air Systems LLC, a leading master distributor for Ingersol Rand in Kentucky and Indiana since 1968.

We originally developed UptimeRMX as a monitoring solution for one of our best local service customers. The result of that initial effort was so profound, that we had no choice but to start offering it to other customers. In less than 3 months, we had hundreds of assets being monitored, and a growing backlog of new sites waiting for installation. We were beginning to see the value that this product would add to the industry at large, so we created a new team of engineers, programmers and service technicians dedicated to supporting UptimeRMX as its own business. As great as the product is now, we are continually customizing new features and functions based on the feedback that our customers provide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal user of UptimeRMX? We’ve built our product specifically for any facility that depends on compressed air for production. If you’re seeking more reliability, better air quality and improved costs of production then UptimeRMX offers the proactive approach to monitoring your equipment while allowing you to anticipate issues before output is affected.

Does UptimeRMX let me access data around my equipment’s performance? Absolutely, UptimeRMX provides live remote access to equipment operating parameters and includes logic that utilizes AI to provide probable causes and recommended solutions based on trends and alarms. Technicians can perform remote diagnostics and grab parts and tools for potential one-trip resolution before even leaving for the site.

Will I experience less breaks and require less repairs? Our team at UptimeRMX is confident that with our product you’ll experience more efficiency, improved air quality and lower frequency of (and costs associated to) repairs. We simplify the entire process for identifying both energy and reliability risks and opportunities. UptimeRMX is a powerful tool that has helped us greatly improve our ability to take care of our customers while establishing unquestionable accountability and delivering the confidence that forms strong and lasting partnerships.

What is different about UptimeRMX? Where do we start… UptimeRMX is about giving you and the service provider of your choice information to make decisions. Being built on top of our own service based full CRM/ERP system allows for seamless response and accountability. Our dashboards uniquely calculate total system performance for doing real time evaluations of flow usage, pressure, reliability and power consumption. Designed specifically for completely wireless communication, it is by far the most reliable, functional, and cost-effective monitoring solution available.

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