More Efficiency. More Uptime.

UptimeRMX provides cloud based diagnostics for dependable wireless remote system monitoring  –  delivering greater reliability, improved air quality and lower overall costs of operation. This patent pending system was uniquely developed for and by dedicated compressed air service professionals.

The UptimeRMX Service

UptimeRMX Service

Facilities who rely on compressed air are typically unaware of issues and pending failures until pressure drops and production is affected. The results are costly emergency repairs, lost production, rework and an un-budgeted dependence on expensive rental equipment.

UptimeRMX is the proactive approach to managing your own compressed air system performance. With continuous remote monitoring at your fingertips, you and your service provider can confidently identify and address risks before they occur. Our product is easy to use, simple to install and will improve every aspect of your compressed air system reliability and efficiency.

How It Works

Easy to Install

Simply plug the 4G base unit into a standard wall outlet and easily connect a wireless transmitter to each piece of equipment to be monitored.

Immediate Reliability

Access your dashboard anywhere through any web enabled device to view your system’s real time performance and history. Gauges with dynamic range color coding provides quick and accurate visual indication for all system and asset details.

Continuous Support

Receive customized alert communication based on your specific needs using email, text or phone should issues arise. Automatic technician dispatch can also be specified with your local 24/7 service provider.

What Customers Say

"UptimeRMX was included with our PM program. I thought it was an unnecessary "nice-to-have", and now I don't know how we ever got along without it."
"UptimeRMX has saved us from going down so many times that I've lost count."
"The charting and analysis functions in UptimeRMX have allowed me to find opportunities and validate improvements like I never thought were possible."
"I no longer worry about compressor problems interrupting my night, weekend or vacation."

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